The Audit Group, Inc. (TAG) has been providing Accounts Payable/Purchasing audit services exclusively to large, complex, multi-facility, healthcare IDNs nationwide since 1987.  Our knowledge of vendor practices and policies, our understanding of the healthcare culture, and our sensitivity to the relationships enjoyed between hospitals and vendors assure you that we will not only produce financial and operational results, but will do so with zero negative impact upon your organization and its vendors.

Statement of Qualification:

  • TAG has conducted more than 900 cost-recovery projects.
  • TAG has audited in excess of 10,350 vendors who supplied products/services to our clients.
  • TAG has extensive experience working with national, regional, and local Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) such as Amerinet, MedAssets, Novation, and Premier.  We understand the additional complexity these organizations bring to the healthcare supply chain. We understand that there will be products and services being purchased via locally negotiated contracts and/or contracts obtained through your GPO.
  • TAG has detailed knowledge of the wide array of products and/or services required by the many hospital departments and functions including but not limited to the operating room, orthopedics, pharmacy, cardiology, nursing, capital equipment, and utilities. 
  • TAG has experience with all the major ERP systems within healthcare such as Lawson, Meditech, PeopleSoft, and SMS. Equipped with this knowledge, we will bring financial recoveries and recommendations for improvements in a quicker, more efficient, and seamless manner. Our internal programmers are able to integrate your ERP data into our proprietary analytics.