TAG's Mission Statementpartnership

Our mission is to assist healthcare clients in developing and maintaining the most productive supply chain management process they desire.  We will assist our clients through the following actions:

  • Analyze purchasing and payment practices.
  • Uncover systemic inefficiencies within these practices.
  • Deliver funds recovered as a result of our analysis.
  • Identify realistic recommendations for savings and practice improvement.
  • Turn these recommendations into actions.
  • With excellence, we dedicate our individual and collective resources to our clients.

We Leave No Stone Unturned.





Our Purpose:  Helping Hospitals Save

TAG Core Values

  • Integrity     -  Trusted to do the right thing--Even when nobody is watching   
  • Initiative     -  Driven to find the solution
  • Excellence  -  Exceed expectations
  • Dedicated  -  Devoted to Helping Hospitals Save
  • Tenacity     -  Never, ever give up

TAG Pledge: Partnership Strength
TAG defines a successful partnership as a respectful and committed joining of two or more organizations’ resources to create outcomes of mutual benefit.
TAG commits to:

  • Act with honesty and integrity.
  • Act as the hospital’s advocate in our dealings with vendors.
  • Act professionally and respectfully in our discussions with vendors.
  • Create claims that are legitimate and supported by all necessary documents to prove their validity.