TAG's Concern For the Environment

Wild Sweet William photo courtesy of MichaelSmith

TAG's preferred color--green--not only represents the savings we bring to our healthcare clients through recovery audits but also reflects a commitment to reducing our impact on the Earth's resources.

Healthcare still relies heavily on paper documents and TAG is committed to reducing paper usage. Since 2013, TAG has cut paper output in half for the final reports which document clients' project findings and process improvement recommendations.  We've done that by simply now printing reports double-sided rather than single-sided. In addition, the reusable components of extra hardcopy reports are used in new documents.

For many organizations, TAG included, email and electronic documents have significantly reduced paper usage. TAG now stores documents electronically on our corporate intranet, which allows item retrieval and printing only when it's necessary. Marketing materials were developed so they can be emailed to interested contacts. In 2014, TAG developed our online portal--Insight-- so client representatives could have 24/7 accessibility to TAG's imaged claims and decrease their printing of paper photocopies.

Quarterly meetings and other TAG gatherings of personnel are increasingly web-based through online conferencing services. The resulting reduction in travel to and from corporate offices has also reduced expenditures of natural resources associated with travel.

TAG recycles printer cartridges to manufacturers when opportunities exist and continues exploring methods for recycling other consumables in the corporate office.  TAG's remote associates are encouraged to take advantage of available recycling programs and local public transportation where they live and work.

We realize these are small steps and may have minimal impact. But, managing our footprint on the environment is a journey...one we hope will inspire others to also make regardless of their size. TAG is a solutions provider and a good corporate citizen: We will continue finding ways to benefit not only our clients, but our communities as well.