1.      TAG is independent: Our revenue is 100% generated from hospitals for which we work.  We have no conflicts of interest with vendors. 
2.      TAG analysis will not be negatively affected by the possibility that our revenue stream will decrease when we get a vendor to reduce its pricing to the client (i.e., we will not be put in a situation in which we would have to audit our own invoices for billing discrepancies).
3.      TAG analysts review product purchases against available contracts from GPOs and/or individually negotiated by the hospital for the purpose of ensuring those terms are being applied on vendors' invoices.
4.      TAG will not use any information obtained during the course of our reviews for purposes not in the best interests of our clients.
5.      TAG analysis goes beyond identifying item pricing discrepancies.  Based upon the available information we will also review Cash Discount opportunities, Duplicate Payments, Freight, Rebates, Returned Goods, Third-Party Warranty Service Agreements, Trade-In Allowances, etc.
6.      TAG analysis reviews all products and/or services paid for by the hospital.  Our project will not be limited to capital items, lab items, med surg items, office supplies,  OR items, service items, etc.  TAG analysis involves all vendors for whom the client has issued a check within the time scope of the project.
7.      We have been healthcare-specific since our founding.