Why do we only do healthcare? Our people explain. 
"I like working with hospitals because they don’t have just a mission, they have a ministry. People always want to be healthy; There will always be opportunities to Help Hospitals Save."
Jon McCracken, Project Manager

"Hospitals are challenged within their environment and I really enjoy knowing I’m doing something to improve healthcare."
Jennifer Gardner, Regional Vice-President Sales

"Our job is rewarding. We get to improve their processes and procedures, and implement changes to improve the function of the hospital."
Howard Dobshinsky, Regional Director

"I like advocating for hospitals and being on the 'good guy' side of things."    
Tyler Montgomery, Lead Auditor

“I believe in what we do: Helping Hospitals Save. I think that sums up the greater purpose of what we do."
Scott Gillette, Vice-President Internal Operations

“I like the clients I work with.  You become part of their family and it's a good feeling when they say, 'We are going to miss you guys.'"
Mike Dean, Lead Auditor