Throughout the course of our review, TAG’s team will be discussing opportunities for process improvements, better internal controls, and cost reduction we identify from your vendor invoice processes. Among those issues that will be reviewed and discussed are:
Better Forecasting for Cost Efficiency
        Identify new contract and tier recommendations
        Identify cash discounts and rebates
        Identify duplicate items in Item Master
        Identify duplicate vendors in Vendor Master
        Identification of vendors paying freight to in apprarent violation of its freight management program
Develop Best-in-Class Attributes
        Improve data integrity and validation of correct prices to be loaded
        Variations in prices paid to a vendor across individual entities
        Knowledge of what and where information is processed
        Check and balance on resolving differences between POs and invoices
        Successful Pricing audit
        Self assessment questions: Purchasing and Accounts Payable
        Trade-in tracking
        Different pricing between facilities
     Analysis of audit results itemized by vendor, dollar amount, and claim types
     Comparison of your hospital's performance to similarly-sized healthcare systems