Our Healthcare Analytics:  Spend Optimization Solution™

Identify systemic bottlenecks and areas of financial loss.
Pinpoint where the errors occurred, their root causes, and how to prevent them from recurring.
Recover funds due and reconcile vendor accounts.
Recommend corrective actions to improve processes, prevent errors, and create future savings.

Healthcare Specific

Consider this:

How does a hospital know if a competitor's technology is capable of fully analyzing transactions if the competitor has no detailed history and no on-going, vendor-specific knowledge of the healthcare industry?


In 2006, TAG dedicated millions of dollars into research and development to address our clients' needs for better healthcare analytics and launched Spend Optimization Solution™ (SOS).  We have identified the files and related fields needed for the analysis of all major ERP systems such as McKesson, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Meditech, and many others for the purpose of examining thousands of vendors, hundreds of thousands of invoices, and millions of lines of data to identify suspect payments, payment errors, and savings opportunities.  Utilizing the capabilities of SOS™, TAG can provide vendor insight into your purchasing and disbursement process, and create customized management reports highlighting issues that warrant your attention.


  •  Cross-functional analysis; Our clients are not locked into standard modules  
  •  Customized reports; We can customize and shape reports based on the needs of our clients