Hospital  Goals  The Audit Group Deliverables
Review and Decrease Expenses 1.   Provide immediate  cash infusion
2.   Assist Accounts Payable in reconciling vendor accounts and recovering cash balances due
3.   Review Returned Goods process and recover funds from vendors 
4.   Identify item pricing overcharges and recover funds
Reduce Additional Overhead Costs 1.   Recommend operational improvements without increasing FTEs
2.   Provide expert contract analysts to assist current operations
3.   Identify areas of financial loss within hospital’s supply chain and disbursement processes
Create an Economical and Efficient Accounts Payable Processing Operation 1.   Ensure management decisions are based upon accurate information
2.   Identify duplicate vendors in Vendor Master database to increase payment efficiencies
3.   Review communication flows within, to, and between Accounts Payable, Purchasing, departments, and vendors
4.   Identify systemic bottlenecks and areas of financial loss and provide recommendations to eliminate them
5.   Provide custom transaction reports which identify significant vendors and items that need management attention