Through a comprehensive analysis of vendor accounts we determine where errors occurred, their root causes, and how to prevent them from recurring.  We work as your Co-Source Vendor Analyst to improve purchasing and disbursement processes.  Pinpointing Error

We review 100% of the invoices paid by the health system for the purpose of identifying anomalies, overpayments, and/or under-deductions.
Functional areas of the review include:
Accounts Payable Purchasing Material Management Telecom
Facilities IT/IS Pharmacy Food Service
Cardiology Laboratory Operating Room  Utilities 
Office Supplies Product and/or Service  Vendors  
Solutions provided by a review:

1.   Provides insights into root causes of errors and costs of errors
2.   Evaluates ERP utilization across the enterprise to ascertain systemic payment holes within health system, and multiple Purchasing and Accounts Payable departments
3.   Validates compliance, specifically whether end-user departmental operations related to Supply Chain and Disbursements are aligned with or deviate from organizational goals
4.   Reviews, identifies, and recommends best practices related to the interactions of the following areas:

  • Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Contracting, Shipping
  • Internal Departments
  • Health System's Vendors

5.   Assists in the implementation of corrective policies and procedures
6.   Recommends staff training to produce consistent purchasing and disbursement processes across the enterprise
7.   Offers additional ongoing support and resources to address post-audit areas of concern